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Our dream of political change: Khulud Affaq and Tar

The electoral laws of Lebanon did not define any women's quotas. Over the years, women in Lebanon have been showing themselves in public life with special efforts, although they are distinct in various fields. Article 7 of the Lebanese Constitution stipulates that "all Lebanese are equal before the law, enjoy …

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"Head" integrates science into sales and helps companies grow

Practical selling is the foundation and primary driver of the economies of the organizations and States. Since the dawn of human history, man has been engaged in barter and later selling with a view to achieving material profit. The sales department is a science of trade science that focuses on …

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PAPCO has expanded the only oil refinery in Bahrain.

Informed sources told Reuters on Friday: "The state-run Bahrain Oil company BABCO has established a contract to expand the only oil refinery in Bahrain to a consortium led by the United Kingdom. M. C. "The consortium received the letter of award from Papco on November 30 to carry out the …

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The fate of Airbus A380 aircraft, Emirates

The European aerospace industry Group will have no choice but to stop its "A380" flight program if Emirates does not make a new order, said Airbus trade director John Leahy. "We will have no other choice but to stop the program," said Leahy during his presentation of the group's trade …

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Who's watching your personal information?

Have you ever thought about reading the privacy policy on social media sites and the Internet in general? Do you know that hackers can monitor everything and access your personal computers if there is no safety? Digital privacy and security issues pose huge question marks under large data. As we …

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