The Biggest Problem Your Business Has!

Most entrepreneurs and businesses fail because they couldn’t get the attention they need, would you agree? Because if you can’t get people’s attention you can’t sell or close. You might have the best product or service, or be the best salesman. Who am I talking to? I need people.

Obscurity is the biggest problem your business has, it’s not that people doesn’t have money, it’s not price, it’s not value, it’s not the package, it’s not all that. It’s only one thing. OBSCURITY!

All those media programs you watch every day, they all tell you there isn’t enough money, the banks aren’t loaning, the consumers don’t have confidence, people aren’t healthy, and the economy is in trouble. None of those are the problem. The problem is nobody knows you. I don’t know you man, I don’t know you. Who are you? Right? Price doesn’t matter at this point, value doesn’t matter at this point, the package, the offer, the problems… I don’t know you! If you don’t know me, you can’t buy my product or service. People need to know you to do business with you. So I’ll go broke just trying to get out of obscurity!


Ghassan Ghanem

Senior Relationship Manager at Klever* / Entrepreneur

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