CopyArabia Expands into New Markets

CopyArabia, the leading copywriting, transcreation and translation agency in the Arab World, has announced its expansion plans for the third Quarter of 2017. Following its huge success since its inception in August 2014, CopyArabia will expand into additional markets which will include Iran, Iraq and Kurdistan.

“CopyArabia’s unique selling proposition is based on having accomplished this critical path, one which thoroughly probes into the intricacies of target mindsets”.

The agency is spearheaded by a team of professionals with expert knowledge of the Arabic language. The service includes expert use of all 22 Arabic dialects including Emirati, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Lebanese, Jordanian, Egyptian and Tunisian.

As many international companies break into the Arabic region, CopyArabia has provided a reliable service which takes account of the subtle nuances of the Arabic language whilst applying a creative approach. Given the language barrier, CopyArabia offers several different translation options and advises on the most appropriate for the target audience and sector.

“CopyArabia believes that Arabic ads have an inherent ability to create a greater impression on local audiences if communication is carefully tailored”.

Commenting Mnawar Jamil Shourakaa, Founder & Chief Copywriter of CopyArabia said, “It is no secret that Arabic advertising copy in this region has recently played second fiddle to its English counterpart. In the last three years, CopyArabia has worked to play a pivotal role in building trust and creatively interpreting Arabic copy.”

Continuing Shourakaa said, “Clients have come to trust us as key players in conveying their communications accurately and in a manner which reflects their target market. This is why several multinational companies are now putting their trust in us to handle their entrance into new territory such as the Farsi, Iraqi and Kurdish markets.”

CopyArabia’s portfolio of services also includes consultation, conceptualisation, creative adaption, translation, in addition to rewriting and proofreading.

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