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Instagram advertising effectiveness

Is Instagram advertising in Kuwait really worth it?

As marketers, we are always asked this question due to Instagram’s popularity in Kuwait, and the rush from brands to establish a presence on this platform. Actually, we have witnessed both success and failure of Instagram campaigns all for different reasons, and the answer lies in how much brands know about Instagram and its population and the goals set out for their campaigns as well as how well those campaigns are planned. In other words, the way brands approach Instagram as well as the type of product, the execution plan, and the marketing message are key ingredients of an Instagram advertising campaign.

Instagram is very popular in Kuwait, and it is considered to be among the top 3 most used social media channels at 43%. Most of the active users are Millennials ages 18-34, and Millennials require special treatment when it comes to marketing, as they tend to be skeptical and price sensitive amongst other things. Millennials get engaged with marketing content that is real and personalized coming from a person they trust, while they tend to shy away from direct sales messages and sales pitches. Gone are the days when brands used to target the mass in a traditional way hoping to catch their attention. In the digital world, consumers are the ones who are calling the shots, since Millennials want to consume media in the form of relevant content with a real and personal touch.

Many fashion and f&b brands in Kuwait have succeeded in engaging consumers on Instagram with particular products through influencer marketing tactics which resulted in an uplift of 12 times the amount of purchasing intent in a campaign duration of less than 6 weeks in some cases, and this is due to a well-curated plan with a clear set of goals. On the other hand, similar products launched through sponsored ads were not as successful and came at 2.5 times the cost of influencer marketing campaigns. Hence, understanding Instagram and its population, creating the right message, and choosing the right tactic for the right product are key factors for a successful Instagram advertising campaign.

Moreover, quality visual images combined with personalized content marketing messages tend to score higher than impersonal and sales pitch messages making Instagram a good and affordable medium for certain types of luxury, fashion, f&b, and visual related products targeting Millennials.

Simply put, Instagram is dominated by Millennials, and it is an effective advertising medium to target them only if you truly understand this age group as well as their values, their usage, and their media consumption habits.

I hope that this post would shed some light on Instagram advertising in Kuwait.


Elias Hayek

Managing Director | Transformational Leader | Omnichannel Retail Expert | eCommerce and Digital Marketing Strategist

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